Transport service

Our goal is to become a full and competitive company in the freight transport and logistics. We offer quality services, because we believe that quality is the best advertisement.
Security of cargo in transit is a must for us, the cost of transported are insured in accordance with the CMR. Our transport is always fast and efficient with an effort to minimize customer costs. Just realize delivery of goods in time, that is always within the time of delivery. Sound management and transport logistics associated with the professional quality of our team helps us comply with these principles, achieving customer satisfaction with every shipment.
We follow new standards and trends in freight traffic and apply them as soon as possible. We respond quickly and flexibly to unexpected situations and preferences of our clients. Based on many years of experience we know exactly what transport conditions to be observed in different European countries and we are able to provide full counseling and our clients.
We offer speed and quality at a reasonable price, while we take the long-term development draws with our business partners.